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About Native Angel Wellness

It is often said that God builds bumps along the pathway of our lives to bring us to a journey far better than what we ever could imagine. That the trials give us strength to do what we must do once we arrive at our destination, that the pain gives us insight to help others, and that valleys eventually lead us to peaks that far surpass our wildest dreams. This is most certainly the case with our journey to Camp Hope Let me start at the beginning of our journey to Camp Hope. We purchased  this beautiful property in 2004 with the intension of opening Camp Hope. In 2010 Angel was in a sever accident that resulted in her being bedridden for months. During her recovery and amidst learning to walk once again, Angel was diagnosed with stage 4 MMMT Carcinosarcoma. On June 19th 2011, Angel was givin 3 weeks to live, the doctors told Angel to go home and say her goodbyes.

These trials and tribulations did not knock Angel down, but built in her faith in God and living. The time healing provided her with just what she needed, time to reflect, take inventory of her inner self and physical body and make changes. As always, God knew what he was doing. The lessons she learned through these trials are the foundation of the vast knowledge and insight that she now is committed to sharing with others.

And here we are in this stepping stone of Angel’s journey. We are happy to say she is a Cancer free Thriver. Through her Holistic Healing Journey we have learned so much. Gratitude is what drives us to share our knowledge and understandings with others who are facing valleys and trials in life. We truly believe that it is our responsibility to pay forward our

blessing and share what we learned during our journey to help lighten the load of others facing challenges in their lives.

Let's spread God's Love, Light & Blessings.
Mikael and Angel Howerton