My Prayer Is For No One To Be In Pain

PAIN" I know a little bit about pain the last 5 years have been like a roller coaster ride. first I was in a severe accident which left me bedridden for over 5 months broken bones twisted up body from neck to ankles While I was learning to walk again I found out I had stage 4 MMMT uterus cancer, They took out a tumor the size of a baby's head. And then five weeks later it was already growing back, that's when I was given only "3 weeks to Live" on June 19th 2011


Angel How Do You Stay Cancer FREE

This is what I have done to stay Cancer Free for over 5 Years. I'm enjoying Life Living A Holistic Lifestyle. Living my Life in Gratitude. I stay Close to The Lord & always take time to enjoy the Flowers and Butterfly's. Thanking my body daily for all the amazing things it does for me. I stay on a Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, Vegan Diet. I add Garlic, Onions and Herbs to all my Favorite Recipes