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3 Weeks to Live to cancer Free

June 19th 2011  ~ I was Given 3 Weeks to Live ~ I Did Not Listen "I HEALED HOLISTICALLY"  8 Year THRIVER from Stage 4 MMMT Uterine Carcinosarcoma

✨Thank you for being on this Incredible Journey of Life with me. Just think out of 7.5 Billion people how extraordinary it is that we are all here together at this present moment. Just pause for a minute and think about how amazing that is.


June 19th 2011 Was a life changing day for me. As I awoke from an emergency surgery, the doctor looked down at me with tears in her eyes. I will never forget that LOOK or her Words. She said I am Sorry , you need to go back home and be with your kids you have about "3 Weeks to Live" I felt numb. What was I going to tell my kids, my husband ? How do I tell them what the doctor just told me ?

.How do you process "3 WEEKS to LIVE" ?

When my family came to the recovery room I could see by the look on there face the doctor had told them the bad news too..

They were being strong for me..

Its been a Long Amazing Healing Journey.


Angel's Motto "I never owned cancer it was not mine to own I let it pass through me in LOVE"

~ Cancer is nothing to Fear.

For your body to allow cancer cells to take root and multiply, there had to be a weakened immune system,

Things that can cause a weaken immune system. Toxins, Processed foods, Refined Sugar, Chemicals, pesticides, Vaccines, Stress, Mold, Fungus, Bad Bacteria, Viruses, WiFi, Radiation, Chemtrails, GMOs, nutritional deficiencies, disease is also driven by negative thoughts and emotions


Now for the good news we can get our health back !!!

First stay Positive & Know your body is strong and can and will heal 🙂

I found my way back to optimal health by going back to my Native American Roots Which means Healing Mind Body & Spirit. I developed a 12 step healing protocol and became a Seasonal Detox Specialist.


How I turned Fear into Faith

 Remember - Fear is just a thought!

⦁ Fear Is an illusion. Fear is something we manifest in your thoughts. .Fear has no real Power unless we listen to it.

⦁ If you stop listing to Fear it will lose its power over you

⦁ So you ask Angel How do we stop listening to it...You can acknowledge it, look at it in your mind even thank it..and then be ready to let it go...

⦁ I promise it has no power over you unless you listen to it..

⦁ You have the power. to turn the channel and quit listening to it..

⦁ It takes time. Once you break away from Fear you will Feel

Alive & Free & Powerful

 Fear is an acronym for:

The only way past fear is to go through it!


Negative Thoughts Create Our Anxiety Not Cancer

Negative thoughts create our sadness, anger, and anxiety about a specific circumstance. Therefore, when these negative thoughts leave, we're happy. Happiness is what remains when there are no thoughts to create our suffering.

This is the experience of the present moment. The moment you forget to worry about cancer you feel fine. Is it the cancer that causes your fear or your thoughts? Your thoughts.

If cancer induced your fear, then you wouldn't be able to relax as long as it was inside you. But you don't worry about cancer every minute. Sometimes you forget to worry about it and feel relaxed.

If cancer is the cause of your worry, then how can you still feel anxious about it when it's gone? When you worry about cancer recurrence, your body doesn't have cancer. But, you feel afraid anyway.

This has to mean that your thoughts, not cancer is causing this distress. Suffering happens when you resist the present moment. When you worry about cancer, you imagine horrible things about it.

But if you don't believe in those stories you won't suffer .If you didn't have cancer would that mean that you would not suffer anymore? No. You will still have the emotional baggage left

Two people can get the same cancer diagnosis and feel different about it. If cancer caused the suffering, then both would suffer. But it is our attitude about cancer that causes our pain.

Most of us have a negative view about cancer. But if we challenge these thoughts we no longer fear cancer If you want to stop worrying about cancer, you need to quit believing your thoughts that create these emotions. That’s it.

You don’t need to fix yourself, change others, or improve your situation. Your thoughts in your mind create these feelings. It has nothing to do with you, your circumstances, or cancer.

When we believe a thought, we think they are true. But, when we recognize that it is not true we stop believing in it. Once we disbelieve them, our emotion dissolves.


One of the most powerful ways to get rid of cancer fear is to educate yourself about cancer. And the other way is to analyze your stressful thoughts about it.

Your body always wants to go back to homeostasis and doesn’t want to get sick. Every action your body takes is to reach a state of homeostasis.

Our emotional problems can be behind 90% of our illnesses. Every cancer disease originates with a painful, acute, dramatic and isolating shock. The distress happens simultaneously on the psyche, the brain, and the organ.

Our thoughts create our anxiety not cancer.


**Courage is not the absent of Fear but the acquired ability to move beyond Fear and into Faith**

Change FEAR into Courage!


Instead of continuing down a self-destructive process of thought, I can stop myself right there, close my eyes, and start breathing.

As I slowly inhale, I breathe in trust, and slowly exhale fear. I breathe in trust, and bring it down into the bottom of my stomach and then alllllll the way down to my toes.

As I exhale fear, I expel it from my lungs.

I continue to do this simple meditation exercise until I can feel the energy shift within and around me. I draw in light to myself as I focus on and renew my trust in my higher power.

After I am centered, I move into my day with positive energy and a knowing that everything is going to be alright. If I feel myself start to slip back into those mopey feelings, I begin to breathe in trust all over again, until the feeling subsides.



~Finding my Purpose. I always was the go to person, never sat still, I was always on the go, I was everyone’s taxi cab driver LOL, I loved helping others. But being in the wheel chair not being able to drive or physically be able to do things for myself I lost my purpose. Boy was I in for a shock when found out My Strength was in My Voice & in My Heart. That was the Happiest day ever when I knew God could use me ❤ I could share my healing journey, my knowledge of herbs and spiritual healing and most of all I could share Agape Love from the wheel chair...


My Passion is Encourage & Inspire you to find Your Purpose.


✨ Your potential is Unlimited You are Strong Confident and Powerful

✨ You are a vibrant soul radiating a healthy body your physical temple is beautiful strong and healthy

✨ Every flower must grow through dirt

✨Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion


""I encourage Everyone to find there Purpose""

Never forget just how amazing, lovable, hugable, adorable, talented and bighearted you are.

The world would not be the same without you in it


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✨ Dedicating this beautiful song to all My Warrior Sisters & Brother

I will be here right beside you my beautiful friend until you fly again !

You Will Fly Again 


The Native American Way

“Everything on Earth has a Purpose, every disease and Herb to Cure it and Every Person has a Mission”

 My mission is to share my journey of healing and understanding with all who wish to listen, the most important thing is to always have positive thoughts and never give up.

There Is Always “HOPE”

May we all spread God’s Love Light & Blessings

Love & Light NativeAngel



Thank you so much for being on this Amazing Journey of Life with me.