✨ 🎉Welcome to My Celebration of Life Party !!  

June 19th 2011 the doctor gave up on me and said I had 3 Weeks to Live..  But God had other Plans. Today is my 6 Year CancerFREE Versary

Its been an Amazing Healing Journey One thing I lost along the way was my Purpose. I always thought my strength was in my physical Body, but on this journey I found my strength is in my Voice and the Agape Love I can share with others.

I always get asked Angel what is the most important thing you did to heal. It is staying Positive The power of positive thinking effects your health.

Philippian’s 4:13  I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me

Joshua 1:9 Be Strong & Courageous

I’m dedicating My Blog to beautiful mother Lois Newell. She passed away  May 26 1985. My mother was a Native American Medicine Women from the Chimariko Tribe from the Beautiful Redwood forest.

Finding My Way back to my Native American Roots saved my life and taught me how Everything is so inner connected. For one to Heal the Spirit must be Healed.

Through my journey I have learned to Live in Agape Love. and let go of what was holding me down like the negative chatter that goes on in your mind.

I would like to take you on My 6 year spectacular Healing Journey and share with you what it has taught me.

 Finding My way back to My Native American Roots Saved My Life. The doctors gave me 3 weeks to live, 6 years ago. June 19th 2011

When the doctors said I only had three weeks to live, I had to Dig deep in my soul and really go back to my Native American roots. The Native American Way of thinking that I grew up with, was that

“Everything on Earth has a Purpose, Every disease a Herb to Cure it & Every Person has a Mission”

I knew if I was going to heal my body completely, I was going to have to completely Heal my MIND BODY EMOTIONS & My SPIRIT.

I really feel I owe my life to God, who gave me the strength and understanding to go back to my Native American Roots. That I would find all the answers there. The doctors gave up on me but God and the herbs he created have not given up on me.

So I dug deep and went back to the old Native American Ways.

For one to be healed physically, the spirit of the person must be healed, also this simply means that in order to be healed one must obtain harmony and balance in the body, mind and soul. One must have a desire to be healed and to believe in healing. If the belief is not there the healing will not work. Healing of the mind and the emotions are no less important than the healing of the body.

The most important part of healing, is healing the SPIRIT, if the spirit is broken, the body cannot completely heal.

You also have to find your connection back to Mother Earth. You have to be grounded within yourself and learn to let go of all your ANGER, FEAR, JEALOUSY and RESENTMENT!

You must also call out to the Creator to help you during this journey and he will direct you. He will send you what you need. You will just have to be willing to listen!

 I think for most people the spiritual and emotional healing is the hardest.

In the Physical Realm, HERBS are essential part of traditional healing. Herbs have been used by ancient people all over the world, since the beginning of time. There are at least 35,000 plants. That can be used for medicinal purposes.

The Native Americans approach herbs with great respect and pray to the spirit of the plant to release their powers of healing and give a prayer of gratitude before gathering them. They gather with respect and thanksgiving

They never take more than they need and do not partake of the Elder Plant, which is the largest and oldest of the group. For it is from the elder that all others receive life.

Pharmaceuticals treat the symptoms of the disease, they do not treat the underlying cause of the illness. That’s why there is never a complete healing. Native American Healers uses herbal remedies and spiritual healing in such a way that it treats the whole person. When a Native American Healer works with a person, they will ask for guidance from the creator. They will have a sacred prayer ceremony.

Healers enter into silence often and silence is the only way to really hear and to listen to the voice of the creator.

 Sometimes one must quiet the mind and push away any outside noise, in order to listen to the silence and eventually they will listen to their inner voice. While also to be in the silence will give you the answer you are in need of.


PLANT MEDICINE: all plants and herb’s are considered sacred. Herbs and plant’s are our helpers. Each plant has a unique gift that it has been given to Help heal various parts of our body. The plants contain the spirits that give us our form. Just like people, plants will give greater help to those who truly appreciate them and give them thanks.

 Plants and there energy are Just like people, if you demand from them and take without asking, they will do little for you.

The greater you appreciate them, the greater they will love and help to heal you. A great deal of the power of herbs depends on where they grow. It is wise to use herbs for healing that grow in your local area, because they have the properties to deal with specific disease and illness pertaining to the area they grow.

 Native American healers have an arsenal of herbs to combat any disease. Here are a few of the herbs: Goldenseal, Yarrow, Stinging Nettle, Mullein, Milk Thistle, Chaparral, Comfrey, Marshmallow, Periwinkle, Bloodroot, Yew, Dandelion, Echinacea, Pleurisy root

One of the most amazing herbal blends was given to a ojibwa Indian by the great spirit in the 1800s. It is known as a ojibwa tea and later as it Essiac tea. This formula and other similar formulas have been healing cancer for over a century. Sheep Sorel, Burdock, Slippery Elm, Turkish Rhubarb, I personally took the 8 herb Essiac which included Red clover, Watercress, Blessed Thistle, Kelp

The most important thing to remember is that all plants and herbs are alive and they sacrificed themselves daily for all of us, Always give thanks and remember what Mother Earth does for us each and every day.


Most Important part of My Healing Journey.

Is the Spiritual Side of Healing &  Learning to Live in Love & Be Love

Some are asking Angel how can I really Heal emotionally ? I feel stuck what can I do ? I am trying, but I still feel angry. How can I let go ? Angel you talk about living and surrendering to Love But How do I really do that ? Is it even possible ?

Forgiveness is where Healing starts. We have to forgive others and forgive ourselves.

Forgiveness is the best form of Love

It takes a Strong person to say I am sorry. It takes a stronger person to forgive

FORGIVENESS: Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself! If we have experienced abuse of any sort, any "hits to the heart or core of ourselves" whether from the distant or more recent past, we must take a walk, on the forgiveness path. The main block to healing any dis-ease, whether in our Emotional, Physical or Spiritual bodies, lies in forgiveness. Abuse from another person or even from ourselves, constitutes a "hit to the heart."

The healing and release of that negative adrenaline, and block to our happiness, lies in forgiveness. Forgiveness is the best gift you can give yourself 

""FORGIVENESS"" ""Tools For Forgiveness""

Saying it out loud helps. Sometimes we need to Hear the Words.

 Look in the Mirror and say I Forgive My Ex, I Forgive My Friend, I Forgive Myself.

Write down all the negative things your holding on to. Go back to your Childhood work your way up to the Present. Write the names and or event on a piece of paper ...

Now FEEL it.. it's ok to FEEL need to take time with each event. Feel it then let it Pass through you in LOVE....This Is The way you can truly Heal. Heal past wounds...

Take your time once you get to the present take the piece of paper you have written all your past hurts on and then say a prayer ask God to help you.

..Forgive yourself, Forgive them just as God Forgives Us.

Now take the paper and BURN IT..

"Watch the Smoke releasing into the air feel the weight coming off"

Take a Deep Breath in hold for a second as your blowing out the air

''Say Out Loud I'm Letting it Go"" ! ""I'm Letting it All Go"" !

After doing this You will Feel so much Lighter...

And every time you start getting negative thoughts let them pass through you in LOVE. . Don't fight them, don't ignore them, just them pass through you in LOVE

"The weak can never forgive. "Forgiveness is the Attribute of the Strong"

Now you can begin to Live in Agape Love

 Start Each Day with

 💙Positive Affirmations 💙

I Am Powerful,  🌟I Am Beautiful,  🌟I Am Unique,

 🌟I Am Strong,  🌟I Am Love,  🌟I Am Safe

 🌟I Am Healthy,  🌟I Am Valuable


Start a Gratitude Journal & Vision Board

 💗Agape Love 💗

No doubt, someday, science will be able to show that love is indeed the elixir of youth and immortality.

 💕If we could only be in love every minute of our lives. If we could only be completely without hate, without anger, without rancor, without malice, without vengeance, without fear, without worry, without envy, without lie, without delusion, without cruelty, without greed, without selfishness, without any negative thought or emotion whatever; then, I am sure, we would have no sickness, no old age, no death.

 💕One more word of advice, and it is very important. Many and wondrous are the powers of love. It creates happiness. It awakens goodness. It generates wisdom. It conserves health. It prolongs youth. It creates beauty. It induces long life. It confers heaven. It does many things which are pleasant and desirable.

 💕But be careful, be very, very careful. Love without selfishness, love without thought of self. Love not for the things love can give, even heaven itself.

Love only for love's own sake.

 💕Otherwise, even the things love can give may disappear like smoke in the air.

 💗We Could Heal The World With The Power Of Love 💗

Love from your Heart Not From Your Lips Love is a spirit and has its roots in your spirit where God lives your flesh and mind does not have a ability to Love Agape love can only be given through your spirit

Let us all walk in True Agape Love

The power of Agape Love has changed My Life !!!!

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✨ Dedicating this beautiful song to all My Warrior Sisters & Brother

I will be here right beside you my beautiful friend until you fly again !

You Will Fly Again


The Native American Way

“Everything on Earth has a Purpose, every disease and Herb to Cure it and Every Person has a Mission”

 My mission is to share my journey of healing and understanding with all who wish to listen, the most important thing is to always have positive thoughts and never give up.

There Is Always “HOPE”
May we all spread God’s Love Light & Blessings
Love & Light Native Angel



Thank you so much for being on this Amazing Journey of Life with Me !