Angel’s Spring Seasonal "21 Day Self Awareness Workshop"
Are you ready for a NEW YOU ??

Spring time is the time to de clutter your house, your mind and body....
During this workshop we will be exploring ways to motivate you, encourage you and bring more peace and happiness into your life.
Statistics show it takes 21 days to create a habit or make a change.
It's often said, "We cannot change what we will not see."

Conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires:
"the process can be painful but it leads to greater self-awareness
Week One 
3 Day Self Reflection Challenge
Self  Reflection helps us get comfortable with uncomfortable. Through self reflection we discover our greatest power.

Self reflection helps us advocate for ourselves and support others. Taking time to reflect enables us to identify what we want, what we need, and what we must do to help ourselves. It also helps us realize how our gifts and strengths might be used in service to others.

Week One  Starts - Tuesday May 16th
 Needed Material  - Journal & Courage
Each Day's Challenge will be posted in the group Angel's Holistic Boot Camp
Tues - Day 1 Angel's   🌟Self Reflection Challenge🌟 Posted in Group
Wed - Day 2 Angel's   🌟Self Reflection Challenge🌟 Posted in Group
Thru - Day 3 Angel's   🌟Self Reflection Challenge🌟 Posted in Group
 Fri                            🌟 The New You                🌟 Posted in Group
 Sat & Sun                 🌟 21 Day Affirmation Challenge Begins


"The Face In The Mirror"
What do you really see my friends ?
In your reflection in that little piece of glass
Is your mirror all dull and cloudy
or is it shining like fine polished brass ?
When you look into the mirror
Tell me what is it that you really see
Do you see someone who is hurting
or do you see someone who has been set free?
When you look into that mirror
Is your face happy or is it sad?
Do you see someone who is good
or do you see someone who always is bad?
When you look into that mirror
Do you see a person with a hardened heart
Do you see a person forgiven by God
Someone who has been given a fresh new start
So try to look more closely my friends
You will start to see a very big surprise
Don't look at yourself from your point of view
Look how God see's you through His precious eyes
This Poem was written by my friend Mitch

* Week Two Starts Monday May 22nd
Mon - Blog for week Two will be posted 
Tue - Wed - Thru    3 Day Juice & Smoothie Fast
Exploring meditation & grounding


* Week Three Starts Monday May 29th
Mon - Blog for week Three will be posted 
Tue - Wed - Thru    *Native Angel's Medicine Wheel*

Self Reflection as you travel through the medicine wheel
The Medicine Wheel, has been used by generations of various Native American tribes for health and healing. It embodies the Four Directions all of which symbolize dimensions of healing Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions and the cycles of life.


Wishing Everyone Health, Happiness & Love
Love Angel