Cancer is the Mask Fungus Wears

Written By: Holistic Angel

I believe fungus is the root cause of all disease: I feel man – made chemicals and pesticides that hinder our immune system. When our immune system go down it opens the door to fungus and viruses to take over. I believe GOD has supplied us with the biochemical means to also combat all fungal and virus infections. GOD through nature has formed our bodies and has told us all food and herbs shall be our medicine.

“Just a thought,” if cancer is not fungus, then why does anti fungal drugs such as Diflucan stop cancer from metastasizing? Why is it when doctors want to see if you have prostate cancer, they test for five strains of fungus? Why does anti fungal drugs lower PSA levels? When animals in a lab get injected with fungus and mycotoxins “why” is it they don’t get fungus or mycotoxicity, instead they get a disease called cancer?

And also why does cancer and fungus have six common traits?

1. They both nourish themselves without the need for oxygen….

2. They both are killed with anti fungal drugs and herbs….

3. They both can not live in an alkaline environment….

4. They both will produce lactic acid….

5. They both need sugar to thrive….

6. They both die without sugar….

Also, the mycotoxins of fungus are common in the American Grain supply. Alcohol is made from grain, when you drink alcohol and you get a hang over, why is it called fungal poisoning? And why is it that alcohol is carcinogenic? While fungus also makes waste products called mycotoxins…. fungal mycotoxins cause gene mutations, and they cause cancer in humans as well?

One of the most carcinogenic substances known is Aflatoxin B1 to man and a waste product from Aflatoxin B1 causes Dna mutation. With my final unmasking of fungus starting after my emergency surgery, when I was told cancer had spread and that I had only three weeks to live back on June 119th 2011. While sending me home with two antibiotics and because of all my previous research it became much to my surprise.

When I learned one of those antibiotics was an antifungal drug called Diflucan. Which made me start asking myself, if the oncologist thought I was crazy for thinking cancer was a fungus, then “why” would she give me an anti fungal? NOW I was even more determined I was on the right track. I began taking that anti fungal drug, and also started taking all the natural things that GOD gave to kill fungus.

May we all spread GODS Love, Light and Blessings…. Love Holistic Angel