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Seasonal Detox: Autumn is a time of  harvesting and gathering. The leaves take off their mask and begin to dance to the ground. While gathering and elimination are the traits of the season. With early autumn being a great time for getting rid of parasites and a Colon cleanse and later in Fall strengthening your lungs.

THE WORD CONJURES UP SCARY THOUGHTS. The reality though is that they do exist and they do try to take over your body. Parasites can and do enter into the body through contaminated drinking water, food, through open wounds, by burying through the skin of the feet, by getting on your hands and being transferred to the mouth or nose. Wind is also a possible vehicle, making microscopic organism airborne.

Here are 10 symptoms that are strong indicators of parasitical or fungus infections.

1. Chronic fatigue
2. Digestive problems/gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea
3. Chronic constipation/irregular bowel movements
4. No energy
5. Developing allergic like reactions and can’t understand why
6. Joint and muscle pain and inflammation
7. Anemia
8. Restlessness and anxiety
9. Grinding teeth
10. Extreme depression

Symptoms usually depend on the type of parasite, they include nervous grinding of teeth at night, especially in children, various aches and pains that may move from place to place, ulcers and various digestive pains, nausea or diarrhea. While habitually picking your nose, itching,  acne,  bad breath,  your appetite sometimes  is excessive  and at other times poor.  With  itching of the anus, anemia, jaundice, extreme mood swings, fatigue, with menstrual irregularities,  fever  and insomnia other common symptoms.

Doctors often misdiagnose symptoms, because of the similarity to Epstein-Barr fatigue syndrome or other viruses, nervous exhaustion, hormone imbalance. Most doctors do not even consider  “parasites or fungus”  as a root cause for disease,  so they will never bother looking for these.  So it’s very hard to determine the percentage of the population affected. Most researchers in the field of parasites and fungi estimate 80  to  90%  of the population are infected without even knowing it..

Parasites can do a great deal of damage to the human body, they weaken the immune system  and cause various functions of the body to shut down.  This is why even though it   is quite normal for parasites to cycle through our bodies,  it is very important to eliminate them on a regular basis.  Getting rid of these parasites would also be absolutely impossible using traditional medicine that can only kill one or two at a time. These drugs also tends to make you quite ill. With many herbs having anti-parasitic properties, Dr.  Hulda Clark also  discovered that three herbs alone can rid you of over 100 types of parasites and without so much as a headache without nausea.

“You ask” How do I remove the problem? “8 Steps”

 1) Positive thoughts, 2) Kill the parasite, 3)  Starve the parasite, 4) Keep your body oxygenated, 5) Keep your body alkalized, 6) Build your immune system, 7) Build up the good guys in your gut, and  8) Seasonal Detox

BLACK WALNUT HULLS: Anti-parasite, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal it’s active ingredients are juglone, tannin, iodine. You must use the green hulls of the black walnut to kill the adult stages of the parasites.

WORMWOOD: this herb is used for its vermicidal properties and helps with under active digestion. It increases the Acid of the stomach and the production of bile.The wormwood capsules kills the larval stages of the parasites.

CLOVES: anti-parasitical, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. It also r relieves pain. Clove kills the eggs of the parasites where black walnut kills the adult parasites.

“”Parasite cleanse should always be started three days before a full moon.  That is when the parasites are the most active. Fall and spring time are the best times to do a parasite cleanse””

Full Moon Dates  Nov 14th 2016  and April 11 2017 

My favorite parasite cleanse:
Dr Hulda Clark’s Parasite Cleanse
“18 day cleanse”

Which consist of Black Walnut hulls, Wormwood, and Clove!!

These three herbs must be used together not separately. Only if you use them together will you read yourself of parasites. If you kill only the adults, the tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, the million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs.  Dying parasites release their waste toxins. Ornithine  and  Arginine  are  two natural amino acids  that help to detoxify ammonia from the body. They must be used together as a single treatment.

It is also important to take Ornithine and Argentine together with the parasite cleanse.         They help the body free itself from excessive nitrogen. They further protect the liver from damage caused by pesticides, heavy-metals and pharmaceutical drugs.  These amino acids stimulate and help regenerate the liver. They also strengthen the Immune system, thereby, stimulating the production of white blood cells. Arginine is also involved in hormone secretion and reduced tumor growth.

You will also need these herbs:  extra strength black walnut hull tincture or capsules, wormwood capsules/200 to 300 mg per capsule.  Cloves capsules/500 mg per capsule.     arginine/500 mg per capsule, ornithine/500 mg per capsule. With the black walnut hull tincture being takeng in a half cup of water.  It should also be taken on an empty stomach before your meal.

Another side benefit you probably would not expect is that along with parasites, a lot of other foreign material will be loosened and disposed of. This will contribute to your overall feeling of peace and well-being. But not Until the loosed material is gone. In the meantime it  along with dead and poisonous parasites maybe floating in the bloodstream ready to be filtered out by the kidneys, and bowels. This is where MSM and burdock root can be very beneficial.


For best results Start 7 days Before Cleanse :

1. Drink a lot of fresh purified water.

2. It is Essential  to take probiotics while cleansing. Also add fermented food

3. Using Protease Plus or another digestive enzyme like Bromelain and papaya on a   empty stomach can aid in breaking down the protein shell of the parasite. Remember:  digestive enzymes after digesting food will go into the bloodstream and start digesting material in the bloodstream also.

4. Remember parasites love dairy and sugar so it is suggested to go off dairy and sugar while cleansing. Replace all sugar with Stevia.

5. Juice Lots of greens, carrots, cilantro, parsley, celery, garlic, ginger, Bell pepper, green apples

6. Add fiber like Psyllium husk, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds.


Garlic, Eat raw garlic or add to cooking or your juice. can also be used in a Enema

Sage is also good to kill worms

Plantain, black walnut, and any berries with seeds in them are considered arsenic to parasites

Herbal pumpkin or pumpkin seeds is an old standby formula for worms and other parasites often used in conjunction with black walnut or garlic. Usual dosage is two capsules three times daily

Along with black walnut, wormwood and clove, you can add diatomaceous earth to further destroy the parasites.

Other foods to use in combating unwelcome guest in the intestinal tract include cucumber, big, garlic, onion, pine nuts, coconut oil coconut water, pumpkin, pomegranate, papaya, squash and watermelon

Anti-parasitic sprouts include alfalfa, all beans and pumpkin seed sprouts

Alkalize, cut sodium, concentrate on potassium and magnesium foods like lentils, nuts, bananas, apples, green leafy vegetables.

Other anti-parasitic herbs include Pau d Arco, Sarsaparilla, Oregano, Cinnamon, Raspberry leaves, Senna, Papaya seeds,  Kale, Watermelon seeds, Cucumber seeds, Bee Propolis. Many Essential like thyme, pine, fennel, clove,oils are also anti parasitic. For children fennel, raw carrots, almonds. And raw lemon water may prove helpful

* For 30 days after the Parasite cleanse take turmeric, oregano, and caprilic acid and Essiac tea. MSM, Juice and eat a gluten free high fiber diet. Drink Lots of purified water. And no sugar. This will help your body, build it’s immune system and rid yourself of all, left over fungus and die off.”

How do you know when you are clean? Basically, you will feel inner peace and renewed energy. Various aches and pains or other symptoms will vanish. I suggest  a maintenance program every spring and fall

Helpful info from my friend Cecily Barber
Sometimes when cleansing parasites, the DIE-OFF can make you so miserable you feel  like you have the flu!! Keep one of these 3 things on hand to combat this: Use as needed. Die off usually last 4-7 Days
1) Charcoal powder (about 2 Tablespoons) from the HFS, mixed with recently boiled water let the water cool before drinking. either gulp down quickly OR sipped through a straw to prevent gagging,
2) Chlorophyll in liquid form (with Nature’s Sunshine being better-tasting) about 1/3 cup,
3) Liquid Bentonite, about 1/3 cup, mixed with water OR chased with a full glass of water.
These should be drunk about 2-3 hours AFTER taking your dose of parasite-killing herbs!! From personal experience, I can tell you that THESE will make your parasite cleanse less miserable!! “Thank for the great info Cecily.”

It is very unlikely mainstream doctors would ever tell you the cause of your illness could be a parasite. With very few would ever telling you parasites can cause cancer. While draining you of nourishment and producing carcinogenic waste products like aflatoxins. One of the most common parasites is yeast. Candida, Fungal infections, microbes, amoeba, tapeworms and flukes are all types of parasites. And the fact most doctors never even test for these as the cause of your illness is criminal in my opinion.         

You can’t go wrong by taking the time to do a parasite cleanse twice a year.

The Parasite cleanses I would suggest:

Hulda Clark Parasite Cleanse
Natures Sunshine Advantage Para-Cleanse
Kroger Herb Wormwood Combination
Paratrex by Global  Healing                                                                                                         


During late stage cancer a full fledge parasite cleanse would really rough on the body. I’m not sure that’s always good.  Unless you start off super slow…. add juicing and pure eating with it. Through my own experience with cancer.  I did “muscle testing” to see if your body can handle it.  My friend Cecily muscle tested  me for a parasite cleanse for two years and my body was never strong enough to handle it. With “Black walnut” and “clove” being too harsh for my system until I got my system built up.

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May we all spread Gods Love. Light. And. Blessings.   Love Holistic Angel